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Closing the loop on compostables

Packaging has long been a serious concern for environmentalists and the rest of the world has slowly woken up to the damage much of today’s food packaging can cause. Vegware’s cutlery, cups, plates, food boxes and general food packaging items are truly compostable, minimising their impact on the planet. However, for the initiative to be truly sustainable, the used Vegware items need to be transported to the correct composting facility in a completely uncontaminated state. This is where the Cawley’s partnership makes a real impact.

Cawleys provide a comprehensive collection and transport service to all Vegware clients in order to ensure a closed loop approach.

Conventional disposables are notoriously hard to recycle due to their mix of plastic, card and food residues. New guidelines from waste agencies WRAP and Confederation of Paper Industries  highlight that anything more than food staining is problematic for paper recycling, and that plastic should be under 3-5% of the product.


Compostable packaging provides a smart solution for this problem. Vegware is made from plants, using renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials and is designed to be commercially composted with food waste. Its range of more than 300 products includes cutlery, hot and cold cups, tableware and takeaway containers.

Cawleys collects used Vegware packaging from around Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire and take it to an approved local facility for processing. There, it breaks down into high-quality soil improver in fewer than 12 weeks.

Contact us today for a FREE Vegware waste audit to assess your requirements and see how we could ensure that your compostable waste is processed in the correct manner.


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