Infinity Recycling


Recycling is great, but here at Cawleys we are constantly looking for ways to make it even better.

Our Infinity programme does just that. By educating business and individuals about the benefits of segregating their recyclable waste, we can work together to actively increase recycling success rates and make a positive impact on your bottom line and the environment.

By focusing on the circular economy and recognising the value in resources that can be reused and recycled, we can help your business reduce the cost of waste disposal and explore opportunities that arise from the global commodity market.

How it works

Unlike traditional waste collection methods where everything goes in one bag, our Infinity scheme allows you to segregate your waste into separate containers, keeping it cleaner and dryer, making it easier to recycle. From coffee cup consoles and coffee caddies to plastic and paper bins, we offer a wide range of speciality bins as part of our infinity scheme.

Segregating waste in this way can make a real difference to your business’s bottom line.

To take advantage of the Infinity programme, simply estimate the volume of waste you produce, choose which streams you want to segregate and use the correct colour bags for your waste. We will issue you with a special drop-sided bin to store these bags until we collect them.

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