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Food waste is high on the public agenda and considering that as a nation we produce almost 20 million tonnes a year, it is no wonder that it has come under such scrutiny.

Of course, the natural remedy would be to reduce as much food waste as possible, and whilst we heavily support this, we also appreciate that for many businesses some degree of food waste will be unavoidable. This is particularly true in food production, food outlets and the catering business, where the need to adhere to strict health and safety regulations means it is vital to work with a waste management provider that is both efficient and reliable.

At Cawleys we are not only highly experienced in food waste collection, we are also dedicated to employing the latest technologies to ensure your food waste is put to the best possible use. In fact, we were the first company in the UK to set up a commercial food waste collection service to Anaerobic Digestion (AD). AD is a favourable alternative to sending food to landfill as it converts the food waste into green energy that is often exported to the National Grid. What’s more we also work with bio-bean, an organisation that converts coffee grounds into coffee logs, a renewable energy source.

As well as helping you do your bit for the environment at Cawleys we can also help you save money. Food waste is extremely heavy. By segregating food waste, including coffee grounds, we can help you cut your waste management costs. Working with manufacturers, retailers, coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants, we ensure that the ethical disposal of food waste in this way is both reliable and low cost to you.  Your food waste collection service is tailored to your needs whether you need a regular low volume collection using smaller wheeled bins, a larger bulk container or even a compactor Cawleys will ensure that you have the right service for your business.

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