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Welcome to Infinity, our innovative new approach to waste management, helping you make a dramatic difference to your waste segregation and recycling levels.

The difference with Infinity is that it has a special focus on helping you to play an active part in the circular economy, to achieve the cleanest recycling waste streams and the highest recycling rates.

Changes in world global commodity prices, as well as new trade restrictions have made many more people aware of the significance of segregating waste into different resource type.

People want to stop the waste from single-use items such as coffee cups and plastic bottles and they want to recycle more.

Infinity allows you to recycle more with confidence and well-managed costs.

What can Infinity collect and recycle?

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic bottles
  • Drinks cans
  • Coffee cups and coffee grounds

Infinity allows you to segregate your waste into different streams to capture every possible resource and valuable material, including challenging items such as take away single-use coffee cups, plastic drinking bottles and food.

The key to success is segregation of waste resource streams.

With traditional waste collection methods, everything goes in one bag, we take it away and separate it out using the technology and processes in our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF)

Using our Infinity scheme, you segregate your waste into separate containers yourself, which keeps it cleaner and dryer, which means it is a better quality to recycle.

Your staff will be involved in the process, which we have found is important for success, plus you can benefit from a more cost-effective service.

How to join the Infinity Programme

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to start recycling your waste with our Infinity programme:

  1. Estimate the amount (volume) of waste you produce
  2. Choose which waste streams you want to segregate and collect separately
  3. Use for the right colour bags for your waste:
  • Clear – paper, cans (any metal item) plastic bottles
  • Dark brown – coffee grounds, which then goes in a caddy
  • Light brown – coffee cups only
  • Red – general left-over waste

We will then issue you with your own special drop-sided bin which you put these bags into.  We then come at a pre-arranged time to empty your bin.

Infinity gives you an easy to manage, low cost waste management service. 

You will be demonstrating best practice waste management by segregating your waste streams and showing your staff how you really are recycling more.

To start your Infinity service call us now on 0845 260 2000 or email