At Cawleys, we understand that waste management is extremely important to retailers. Whether large or small, ensuring your retail unit is kept waste free and employs environmental best practice is crucial.

Whether you are a small convenience store outlet, or a large retail shopping centre, rubbish collection and waste disposal needs to operate smoothly and efficiently both in your customer areas and behind the scenes.

Retail outlets produce a large amount and range of waste including packaging, food waste and general waste, and delivery days will bring a peak in the amount of waste you have on site. We understand the pressure you are under to ensure sustainability and to keep your retail space inviting and waste free. We work with you to take the strain. We will organise our collections at  times that work for your business, whatever the time of day or night. We will ensure that your staff are trained on a regular basis to help you minimise waste costs and help the environment by recycling waste streams as much as possible.

As part of this, we can also offer you the benefit of our award winning approach to staff engagement and in store waste management services which helps you work towards sustainability whilst contributing to the circular economy.

To discover about the solutions we deliver for other retailers in the region and how our superb waste management service will complement your customer experience offering, please get in touch today.

Case Study

  • Canary Wharf

    Canary Wharf has an instantly recognisable London skyline, and is a globally recognised name as the home to some of the world’s greatest companies. The estate is a transformation of 97 acres of derelict docklands and represents one of great feats of modern British civic engineering. It is a showcase for the UK’s construction industry, including tall building design. But Continue Reading


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