Local manufacturer calls in Cawleys to clear Haz waste buildup

Lockdown has been a challenge for all of us and for many sectors it had an impact on productivity levels.  However, with challenge comes opportunity and in many cases, businesses, and particularly manufacturers, found that they were able to take the time to have a good old clear out. In the case of our local manufacturing client, it was hazardous waste that was the issue.

As a manufacturer in the automotive sector, our client was lucky enough to have a relatively short period of limited production, allowing them to get Cawleys in to provide a very much needed service, prior to returning to full production.

Our hazardous team are experts in their field and provide an invaluable service. Our DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser) was able to identify, label, package, and palletise the waste before safely shipping it for onward treatment with strict adherence to the waste hierarchy. In this instance a quick turnaround was required, and full clearance was provided in just 2 days. 33 tonnes of hazardous waste was removed and the site was left clear as the before and after photos show:

At Cawleys we have the expertise to help sites with regular or one off collections on a variety of ADR compliant vehicles for hazardous waste streams.

If your organisation is in need of a hazardous waste collection, or you would simply like to learn a little more about what constitutes hazardous waste, call us on 0845 260 2000 or complete our contact form.