Ride High

Ride High is a registered charity based in Milton Keynes which aims to help disadvantaged children and those having difficulties in their daily lives, by giving them the opportunity to learn to ride and look after horses and ponies.

There is evidence that for children who are angry, hurt, upset, lonely or underprivileged, contact with horses can have highly beneficial effects. All the children that come to Ride High are referred by childcare professionals to ensure that the charity works with those who need it most.

At Cawleys we believe the work this incredible charity does with disadvantaged youngsters is invaluable and we are extremely proud of the relationship with have with Ride High. Our involvement not only involves fund raising, and charity waste collection, we also get actively involved in visiting the children, talking to them about our business and actively encouraging them to understand the benefits of recycling.

The Ride High children enjoy visits to our Materials Recycling Facility for ‘behind-the-scenes’ tours and we believe it is a great way to show how waste can be used again and made into new things, which helps us all to care for our environment.

Visit Ride High for more information.