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Talk of a mountain of lithium car battery waste raises an eyebrow!

Recently a report from the University of Birmingham raised concerns that there could be an electric vehicle battery waste mountain. The report focussed on the challenge of capturing and reusing metals such as cobalt, nickel and manganese, as well as lithium, and sparked quite a response. One commentator said “Lithium-ion batteries remain one of the…
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EV batteries – do dismantlers know the risks?

An investigation into a huge fire this year at a Guernsey Recycling site found that the blaze was ‘probably started by a battery being crushed by a mechanical claw’. The investigation report from the chief fire officer found numerous areas for improvement, including stopping "hazardous waste" being taken to the site. The report also highlighted…
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Bye Bye Battery

Alan Colledge explores the world of automotive lithium battery disposal. As experts in the lithium battery sector, Cawleys has been involved with Lithium Battery waste since 2012. Initially, Cawleys were approached by a representative in the automotive sports industry who wanted to dispose of several lithium batteries being used in an early KERS systems. At…
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