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What’s in store for the waste industry in 2020 and beyond?

Kathryn Wright invests the waste industry for the forthcoming year, and looks at potential new trends and challenges. 2020 will see the start of the clean, lean years in terms of recycling. Any business which wants to embrace the green agenda in a meaningful way will have to look again at how they manage their…
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A day in the life…. Refuse Driver

Today we meet Kevin O'Neil to discover what his day entails and why he loves the world of waste... The role of a refuse driver at Cawleys is certainly a busy one, and if you don’t like early starts, it’s not for you! Every morning I rise and shine at 3am ready for the working…
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Following the waste trail

As we all know, there is a real spotlight at present on waste processes and the ultimate end destination for the recycling materials that we all work so hard to segregate. At Cawleys, we pride ourselves on being a transparent organisation and we are often asked by clients where their recyclate ends up once it…
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