Choose Van-ish from Cawleys and combat fly-tipping

A recent article by Andrea Fox from MK FM has bought our attention to the ever increasing problem of fly-tipping. In the article Andrea explains how this problem has evolved and describes how data has revealed that local fly-tipping has increased to 'record levels' in the past year. This is a worrying trend that has likely been fueled, in part, due to the home improvement boom that has occurred during the current covid restrictions.

With less opportunity to travel, eat out and go on holiday, many people have chosen to spend their hard earned cash on home renovations. Naturally this has led to spike in demand for rubbish clearance. This spike, coupled with the various restrictions on public tipping sites, has meant that van clearance services have been in high demand. Unfortunately, not all of these services are reputable.

It has come to light that unscrupulous companies without the appropriate licences are offering waste removal but instead of disposing of these items at registered recycling and waste disposal sites, some have been dumping the waste wherever they choose including public green spaces and private land.

So what's the way to combat this issue? Essentially it is vital for anyone seeking out a waste removal service to ensure they use a registered waste carrier who have a listing on the Environment Agency Waste Carriers web page. A simple check on the EA database of a company's registered number or company name will help establish if the clearance company you are considering is reputable.  By doing this quick search, anyone looking for this type of service can rest assured that the waste collected will be recycled and disposed of compliantly. Our Van-ish van clearance service does just that. Van-ish from Cawleys is a competitive rubbish clearance service that is registered under F R Cawley. We quickly and compliantly clear any unwanted rubbish and bring it back to our depot where it is sorted and segregated for recycling. So, if you need a van clearance service that you know will deal with your waste in an environmentally sound manner, get in touch with us today.




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