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When local Milton Keynes based photography studio, Unique Capture, found themselves with increasing amounts of cardboard packaging waste they needed a more sustainable solution than just dumping it in with their general rubbish....

Small business can recycle as effectively as larger ones

When was the last time your business assessed the amount of waste it creates, or questioned where it goes? It’s no myth that there is an increased concern and need to reduce, reuse and recycle.  With an estimated 13,000 items of cardboard waste disposed of each year, lots of which is from food packaging, it’s hard to imagine the vast quantities produced by businesses?

Picture Perfect Recycling

Unique Capture, a fast pace commercial photography studio based in Milton Keynes has collaborated with Cawley’s for the last few years. The photography studio identified the huge demand from customers selling products on e-commerce platforms.  With its’ growing success, the company has worked with the likes of Argos, Amazon and online billboards doing product photography.

Many small businesses have limited choice when it comes to recycling and disposal facilities that are both practical and affordable.  One of the underlying challenges expressed by Chris King (Creative Director at Unique Capture) was the fact that they regularly received large volumes of packaged products from their clients. This results in excessive amounts of cardboard and plastic waste.  Like many of us, the team at Unique Capture found it increasingly difficult to juggle the pressures of business with the time-consuming good intention of filtering and segregating their waste for the good of the environment.

Sustainable solutions = significant savings

We get lots and lots of products sent to us. This is because online selling is a 24/7 fast paced business and it would be impossible for our clients to physically come into the studio on a regular basis.  We’re here to photograph the items they send us and as such, they’ve  got to arrive in great condition and of course that means lots of protective packaging. As a result, our output of waste cardboard and other materials has increased massively.’

Finding a viable solution that is both effective and cost efficient can be quite challenging, especially when you want to do the right thing for the environment and find a trustworthy waste manager that will collect on time.

Cawleys’ Infinity scheme offered the perfect solution for Unique Capture as it allows them to segregate their waste at the point of disposal using separate clearly labelled bins. This keeps their waste items cleaner, dryer and easier to recycle.  What’s more cost are minimised as there are much fewer items thrown into the general waste bins.

Trust Cawleys

Ultimately , Cawleys can offer businesses a more elevated approach to waste and recycling and is constantly exploring better ways to refine the waste management process to make it even more sustainable and ensure it truly makes a positive impact on the circular economy.

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