Hazardous waste news

This month we’re delighted to welcome a new member of staff to our HazSolve team, Sean Lee, who will be based in our Wellingborough office.

Sean joins us with established background of managing hazardous waste for the last ten years, and has valuable experience to offer our customers. He has an understanding of business issues from the perspective of large and small operations, and the demands they face relating to hazardous waste disposal.

Head of HazSolve, Alan Colledge, who Sean will be working with, was recently featured in MRW Magazine, so if you have any questions about your hazardous waste requirements or would like a confidential quote or discussion, please call either Alan or Sean on 0845 260 2001. And you could ask Alan what happened to the deceased rhino he was asked to help dispose of, which he mentions in the article….

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