Focusing on water waste

Focus is so central to success  “the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition” or “pay particular attention to.”

I often think it is one of the most important qualities of a leader - the ability to know what is the right thing to actually focus on, to deliver results.  But then a good leader also needs to have the skills to bring a team, or a whole business, along with them to share and deliver that focus or vision.   I suppose ultimately the most amazing leaders can bring a whole nation along with them…

Before I get carried away with myself and start talking about world leaders, I’d better concentrate on what I wanted to explore – the subject of focussing on water.

It seems so counter-intuitive to be thinking about water conservation when half the country is still mopping up floods, but managing water properly is a central tenet of a truly sustainable business.  If a manufacturing plant has to have water to function (and show me one which doesn’t) then water management must be a central part of its environmental review programme.

The difficulty is communicating, when we live in a time of such an abundance of it, that water needs to be managed carefully at work.  People whose homes and businesses are flooded by sewage are the most  distraught when they are flooded; they need no convincing that water management is important, and really  if we don’t look after our water more carefully then we could all be in the **** in years to come!

So right now at WasteSolve we are knee deep in diagrams and charts and having a great time developing a creative, new staff engagement programme with  water stewardship at its heart.


PS Our friends at Cawleys posted a great photo of wheelie bins floating away in flood water on their twitter feed – hats off to them for doing a such a good job in maintaining service levels for business waste collection through all this weather.

PPS No sooner had I written this than I read John Bowen’s blog post on FM World where he said “What we need are leaders who can see what will work and what won’t.” Uncanny connection!

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