Sustainable practices

Phew, the day before Christmas and of course we’re still thinking about sustainable practices!  And no it doesn’t ever stop, especially at this time of year… Actually by now, at work, the vast majority of waste which is generated by the festive season has already been dealt with.  I know in our home lives we’re still madly preparing for Christmas (or is that only me?!) but for businesses, about ninety percent of the additional waste, for example from packaging in the extra goods brought in and sold; from food waste from office parties in the run up to Christmas, has been sorted out and sent to second life uses.

So good planning and early engagement is especially important for businesses in the run up to Christmas if they are to make sure that zero waste targets aren’t missed and the environment doesn’t take an extra knock at this time of year.  For one of our clients we’ve been running a Festive Advent calendar with a different message each day, and a competition for the best photo conveying the recycling message at Christmas.

I hope you enjoy this one from  Debs at Fresh Olive, and would like to bid you a very happy and healthy Christmas and New Year from all of us at WasteSolve.


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