Time to get acquainted meet Ethel

Time to get acquainted meet Ethel. (Taken with Instagram) Ethel was a rather inspired birthday present from TP a few weeks ago and a complete surprise so brownie points were duely allocated! The plan for Ethel and I is to replace petrol power with pedal power achieving two things - buns of steel and reducing the old household carbon footprint. Although actually there’s many more merits I could list as well as saving the planet in a roundabout kinda way, being quite stunning to look at (Ethel unfortunately not me) we’ve attracted quite a bit of attention around the village so she’s definitely a conversation starter forcing me to be sociable plus my little one loves her so practically begs for mummy daughter fun time outside even when D d d d Dora rings out from the tv. So double bonus points there. What we need now is a little tandem attachment for little miss to sit on so we can really start going further afield. I’ll keep you posted on progress buns and all. Kate (aka Feather) xx

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