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Wheelie bins and eurocarts

If you are looking for a reliable, competitively priced waste collection service, based on emptying a wheelie bin or eurocart on a regular basis, Cawleys can help.

We provide eurocart business waste collection services not just to Luton, Milton Keynes and Wellingborough but span the whole of Bedfordshire and south east England.

We’re often asked ‘what is the best size eurocart for our business’ and the answer is that it very much depends on the quantity and nature of waste which your organisation produces.

If you are unsure what size eurocart you need, one of our sales assistants would be pleased to discuss your likely requirements, and can often provide a waste audit free of charge to help you find the right size eurocart, and the right collection frequency too.

Choice of size and collection service

We offer different sizes ranging from 240 to 1100 litres, which are usually the ideal side for restaurants, shops and small businesses. They are highly manoeuvrable, can be locked safely and accessed easily by operatives.

You can read more details about their dimensions and physical qualities if you go to our equipment page.


An indication of the different sized bins and eurocarts Cawleys can provide for you.


To speak to a member of staff about the right wheelie bin or eurocart service for your needs, please contact our sales department by emailing or phone 0845 260 2000 and ask for the sales team.



If you have small, everyday Hazardous waste items please take a look at Cawleys HAZBOX click here

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Cawleys HAZBOX