Lithium Batteries


As electric vehicles grow in popularity, so too does the need for safe and reliable lithium battery disposal. This however, is not an easy job.

Lithium batteries generate large amounts of energy and fire and explosion risks are high. As such batteries of this type need specialist engineers to dispose and dismantle them.

At Cawleys we are ahead of the curve. Our engineers are specifically trained to deal with the high voltage components that are present in Lithium-Ion batteries.

Not only do we have the means to safely deal with and dispose of these batteries, we are also working with key partners to recover and recycle the nickel, cobalt and lithium content from lithium battery waste. Our ‘one-stop shop’ offers a complete solution to a market that is rapidly increasing in size but can be extremely hazardous.

Cawleys Waste Management has developed a full service to collect, store, pack, export and recycle automotive batteries used in Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrids. Businesses that are keen to demonstrate a holistic approach to environmentally friendly vehicles are realising the benefits of offering a full circle solution to the disposal of lithium batteries.

If you would like to discuss in confidence any aspect of your lithium battery recovery and disposal or specialist battery recycling requirements, please get in touch now.



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