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The hotel and restaurant business produce a great deal of general waste, as well as obvious food waste.  At Cawleys, we can help in the sustainable disposal of all varieties of waste and help you reduce costs by segregating the waste you produce.

In light of ever increasing costs, disposing of food among general waste is fast becoming an expensive option, not to mention disastrous for our planet. As such, food waste recycling has become a key consideration for the restaurant and hotel industry. Taking food out of the general waste streams can reduce the amount spent on disposal due to its weight. For example, a typical 240 litre wheelie bin would weigh around 80kg if full of food waste however, filled with general waste it would only weigh around 25kg. We are a market leader in food waste recycling and anaerobic digestion and we can work with you to implement an effective resource management programme that treats all waste, including food waste, as a valuable resource.

At Cawleys we appreciate that when in restaurants and hotels, guests expect the highest environmental standards as part of their customer experience. Keeping waste out of customers’ sight is a challenge, however we work with you to arrange frequent collections at a time that suits you, any time of the day or night.

Whether you need general waste disposal, food waste disposal, or both, we can help. Recycling makes sense both environmentally and economically. It is expected that in the future including food waste with general waste will not be an option and that pre-segregation will be a legal requirement.

Talk to us today to find out how we can work with your hotel or restaurant to provide a sustainable solution that will help you save money, boost your business’s green credentials and help you to comply with legislation.

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