Naturally the manufacturing industry produces a great deal of waste. Using our state of the art recycling technologies, we take your industrial, factory, production, packaging and even hazardous waste, and work to recover and recycle as much of it as possible.

We work with an extremely broad range of manufacturing businesses and as such we have extensive experience and expertise in tailoring our service to meet a huge cross-section of requirements.

We particularly excel when working with businesses who produce waste from across the spectrum and we are specialists in delivering a bespoke one stop shop service that won’t cost the earth.

For example, if your organisation involves car manufacturing you are likely to need to dispose of many different types of waste. From the smallest cloth that’s been in contact with oil or fuel, to containers of gas from the manufacturing floor, food waste from staff canteens, paper and electrical waste from your offices, we can dispose of it all.

From our award-winning food waste management service and specialist hazardous waste division, to our staff engagement programme, here at Cawley we work with you to deliver the service you need at a great price. We also ensure that all employees are aware of and understand what is required of them to ensure maximum recycling rates for the company and the environment.



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