Farrington Oils

Client background

Farrington Oils are Britain’s first ‘seed to bottle’ producer of Mellow Yellow cold pressed rapeseed oil. Farrington’s Mellow Yellow® is a sustainably produced versatile cooking oil. Produced on the Farrington’s family farm in Northamptonshire, the oil is grown to LEAF Marque standards, a system designed to promote environmentally responsible and sustainable farming.



Following university, Duncan Farrington joined his parents in the family business as a fourth-generation farmer, however Duncan quickly recognised that farming, driving tractors and growing crops alone was not going to sustain the family business. As such, Duncan returned to his university research and worked hard to transform the family business by launching Farrington’s Mellow Yellow® range in 2005 as Britain’s first ‘seed to bottle’ cold pressed rapeseed oil.

The oil’s light ‘mellow’ taste and versatility has made it a house-hold name in the culinary world and the product is stocked in an array of supermarkets, shops and restaurants across the UK. Indeed, the team at Farrington’s now produce as many bottles each day as they did in the whole of its first year.

Waste Challenges

With such a strong focus on sustainability and environmentally responsible farming, it was vital that Farrington’s worked with a resource and waste partner that could help maximise recycling rates and avoid landfill. During the production process, unavoidable waste is produced, which Farrington Oils want to ensure is disposed of with minimum impact on the environment, both in terms of minimising its carbon footprint and maximising re-use.


As a local company that offer a ‘resource focused’ solution, Cawleys were the natural waste partner choice for Farrington Oils. Not only do we operate sustainably at every stage of the waste management process, our materials recycling facilities and sorting depots are in close proximity to Farrington’s farm. What’s more, our status as a longstanding family business was the perfect fit for Farrington’s. With complete control over our own procedures and practices we, like Farrington’s, are able to ensure that we practice what we preach.

Our first primary initiative with Farrington’s has been to introduce waste stream segregation. We have ensured full separation of plastic, paper and card waste using fortnightly collections. Doing this ensures that these materials are collected and processed separately, keeping contamination to a minimum and ensuring they are in the best possible condition for recycling.

A positive outcome Since working with us, Farrington’s have been able to continually improve their recycling rates and divert waste from landfill.
Diverting the recyclable waste away from general waste black bins has also allowed Farrington Oils to make considerable cost savings which are diverted directly back into the business.