Canary Wharf


Canary Wharf has an instantly recognisable London skyline, and is a globally recognised name as the home to some of the world’s greatest companies.

The estate is a transformation of 97 acres of derelict docklands and represents one of great feats of modern British civic engineering. It is a showcase for the UK’s construction industry, including tall building design.

But most of all, Canary Wharf is the home and place of work for 112,000 people. It has over 300 shops, cafés, bars and restaurants, and a stunning venue, the East Wintergarden, where more than 100 performing arts and events are put on every year.

High recycling rates

Cawleys was selected to manage the waste services for the estate in 2015 because of its exceptional ability to achieve high recycling rates, particularly through taking residual waste and passing it through its own MRF to improve recovery rates, and its proven ability to work across large sites.

Canary Wharf is one of London’s greenest sites, where a fifth of the 97 acre site has been dedicated to landscaped parks, fountains, tree-lined plazas and walkways. More than 1,000 oaks, silver limes, horse chestnuts and that iconic London tree, the plane, have been planted across the estate.

Environmentally friendly approach

Ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach is vitally important to the estate, which is managed by Canary Wharf Management Limited (CWML.)

For CWML Cawleys provides an efficient, responsive service which includes managing a host of on-site waste storage and recovery equipment; providing a daily collection service and ensuring the estate sends zero waste to landfill for all waste streams which are generated across the estate.

Responsive and flexible

Each area of the site, divided into Cabot & Canada Place, Jubilee Place, 16-19 Canada Square and Crossrail has its own set of targets and reporting systems with food, glass and card being just three of the waste streams which are separately targeted and recycled. No waste stream is ignored, even mixed waste streams are recovered to ensure ‘no leaf is unturned’ for CWML.

Cawleys provides a site manager and monthly reporting to ensure that, despite the scale involved, CWML receives a personal service with the level of responsibility and flexibly you would expect from the best family businesses.