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Lithium Battery Disposal

Lithium battery disposal will become increasingly important as the electric vehicle is adopted more widely within both the domestic and industrial markets, and the motor sport industry.

Current predictions show electric vehicle and plugin hybrid electric vehicles will increase to one million units over the next five years, which means there will also be an increase in automotive lithium battery wastes.

Cawleys Hazardous Services has an unusual degree of experience in this specific waste stream.  We are already dealing with this difficult hazardous waste for the automotive and auto-sport industries, and have a solution available now.

Our partnerships within the battery recycling industry enable us to take lithium battery wastes and recover and recycle the nickel, cobalt and lithium content. This is a key stage for the automotive industry to ensure that it can contribute to the  ‘closed loop economy’ as part of the environmentally friendly aspect of owning an electrical vehicle.

If you would like to discuss in confidence any aspect of your lithium battery disposal or specialist battery recycling requirements, please call Sean or Alan in our Hazardous Services division on 0845 260 2000 or

Our Hazardous Waste Services Include: