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Interceptor and Separator Cleaning

Interceptors play an essential part in ensuring that any contaminants such as oils and fuels, silt and dirt are separated from your sites storm water.

Regular interceptor and separator emptying and cleaning is vital to keeping any site drainage running efficiently, and the Environment Agency recommends that forecourt interceptors are maintained every six months in accordance with its Pollution Prevention Guideline (PPG3).

If left without regular servicing, collected sediment can build up or cause blockages leading to troublesome water build-up in places where rain water is unable to drain away fast enough.  Additionally if left un-separated surface water can damage the environment and pollute rivers, streams, and groundwater.

Cawleys Hazardous Services can provide a regular or one-off cleaning and emptying service which includes:

  • Comprehensive risk assessment and method statement to ensure full legal compliance and complete peace of mind.
  • An experienced and helpful team to check every step of the way for you, to anticipate and pre-empt any challenges.
  • A thorough interceptor and forecourt cleaning service to provide confidence and preparedness for you.

We are happy to provide an assessment and audit free of charge. Please contact our specialist hazardous team lead by Alan Colledge on 0845 260 2000 or

Our Hazardous Waste Services Include: