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Difficult and hazardous waste audits

A hazardous waste audit can be important if you are taking over a site, considering closing one down, or simply wishing to clarify that the current position is the best on offer.

At Cawleys Hazardous Services we have over thirty years collective experience in conducting such audits, spanning many different industrial sectors such as engineering, automotive, aerospace, food, retail and higher education.

Our expertise includes every scale, from the largest car plant to the smallest local garage, from aerosols to aeroplanes. We think we have encountered almost every waste type or problem and found a clear solution to them all over the years.

Whatever your site or size we can offer you a confidential site audit including the service of sample analysis to determine waste type for accurate pricing and European Waste Catalogue allocation.

Our audit services are complemented by our ability to collect and process the waste, offering you continuity of care from planning through to completion.  However, if you need to have the facts first we can provide a thorough, audited assessment of your site or waste which meets all compliance and legislative requirements.

To find out more please call our hazardous team on  0845 260 2000 or email to discuss your audit needs in confidence.

Our Hazardous Waste Services Include: