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Coffee Cup and Coffee Grounds Recycling

Cawleys has teamed up with bio-bean, an award-winning clean technology company, and a specialist carton board reprocessing company, to offer new and existing customers a complete coffee recycling package. Our new coffee recycling service will take your used coffee grounds and used disposable, single-use cups, and recycle them both for you.

How does it work?

The key to all good recycling is the segregation of different waste streams, so that they don’t contaminate each other.

A ‘clean’ waste stream makes a better quality resource for recycling, which makes it cost effective and efficient to recycle that substance.

This simple process is behind the success of Cawleys coffee recycling service.

Our coffee recycling service is an easy to follow process:

  1. You collect and store used coffee cups.
  2. You collect and store used coffee grounds.
  3. Cawleys collects them from you, at a pre-arranged time, or on request.
  4. We bulk and bale your cups and coffee and send them both for re-processing into second life uses.

We consolidate all the single use cup and coffee grounds at our distrubution centre, and then make one efficient journey to the different reprocessing sites for the takeaway cups and ground coffee.

Recycling coffee grounds

Cawleys provides special bags and caddies to store your coffee grounds separately from other food or general waste.

The coffee grounds are then collected by Cawleys as part of its waste collection rounds, making efficient use of transport and distribution networks, an important consideration for any company wishing to reduce its environmental impact. We deliver the used coffee grounds to bio-bean.

Using its advanced technological solutions, bio-bean turns the coffee grounds into Coffee Logs and Bio-mass pellets, which burn like normal wood, only better. Each Coffee Log is made from the grounds of approximately 25 cups of coffee and contains 20 per cent more energy than wood. This means they burn hotter and longer and provide a carbon neutral heat for the home or industry.

Recycling coffee grounds into Coffee Logs or biomass pellets prevents valuable resources going to waste in landfill sites and produces 60 per cent less carbon dioxide emissions compared to coffee going to landfill.

How do we recycle coffee cups?

Disposable, single-use coffee cups collected by Cawleys are baled ready for recycling, to ensure they are transported efficiently to our partner re-processing plant.

We take them to the specialist reprocessing plant, where the cups are processed through a pulper.  This process delaminates the materials and breaks it down into fibres, ready for reprocessing into other forms of packaging such as carton tubes used for gravy granules or hot chocolate.

Aluminium foil and polyethylene liners are also separated from the fibres for further recycling.

You can recycle any disposable singe-use cups, and any quantity of used coffee grounds with Cawleys.

Call us now on 0845 260 2000 to get started!

Costs will vary according to the quantity of waste you produce, but we are confident you will be pleasantly surprised by how cost effective and easy it is to recycle used coffee cips and used coffee grounds with Cawleys.