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Waste management services for the aeronautical sector are highly specialised. As large commercial operations, many businesses operating in this sector must adhere to the CRC Energy Efficiency scheme aimed at improving energy efficiency and cutting emissions.

By diverting waste from landfill, where harmful green house gases are emitted, a sound and efficient waste management programme is part of this.

Cawleys understand the nature of the business at an airport, and are highly experienced in delivering waste management services for the aeronautical sector. We understand the diversity of businesses operating there, mean that a variety of waste streams are produced, from passenger terminal recycling, to retailer glass, to food waste recycling, to the recycling of aeronautical parts.

Space is often a commodity at an airport, or in aerospace hangars, so access and location of equipment can be restricted. We will work with you to ensure that the waste management programme can work around these issues.

Cawleys also provide an on-call service in case there are any issues with compactors or bailing facilities. This ensures that no foreign object debris is caused to spill onto the airfield.