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Restaurants & Hotels

Food waste recycling is a key consideration for the restaurant and hotel sector because disposing of this waste to landfill is fast becoming an expensive option in light of ever-increasing landfill tax, not to mention an unsustainable approach.

For the hotel and restaurant trade, where guests can demand the highest environmental standards as part of their customer experience, food waste recycling is one way in which you can easily meet demand in a positive way. Food waste recycling can actually have a positive affect on restaurant and hotels’ bottom line; taking food out of the general waste streams can reduce the amount spent on landfill tax as food is the heaviest element of food waste. A typical 360 litre wheelie bin for example would weigh 80kg if full of food waste, but filled with general waste it would only weigh around 30kg.

Food waste recycling makes sense from many different point of view including economic, environmental and legislative.  It is likely that in the foreseeable future sending commercial food waste to landfill will simply not be an option; with the UK likely to follow in the footsteps of the Republic of Ireland and Scotland in introducing pre-segregation legislation.

As the market leader in food waste recycling through our Eco-Eating brand, Cawleys understands these issues and can work with you to implement an effective resource management programme that treats all waste, including food waste, as a valuable resource that can provide return on investment for your businesses bottom line.

To find out more information about the innovative technology that Cawleys employs to treat your food waste, please visit our Anaerobic Digestion page.