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On construction and demolition sites, the reduction of waste and recycling of waste materials are key environmental considerations.

Cawleys provide a ‘Construction Waste Works’ programme which offers companies within the construction sector specific advice for dealing with six of the most common waste material categories that you will encounter on-site: plastics; wood; plasterboard and plaster; glass; bricks and tiles; and concrete, brick, asphalt, stones and soils, alongside all hazardous and specialist waste streams.

Construction Waste Works can be applied to:

  • Demolition projects
  • Refurbishment projects
  • New build projects

The Construction Waste Works programme is designed to improve and encourage the source segregation of waste materials arising on construction sites, and thus increase recycling rates. Cawleys provide colour coded containers for each waste stream and host in-house staff training sessions and support services to make it easy for your staff to segregate waste.

Through our Materials Recycling Facilities we can achieve high levels of material recovery allowing each construction site to hit impressive recycling targets.

Not only will this boost your company’s green credentials, it will also ensure that you are fully compliant with waste and recycling regulations, and ahead of the game with upcoming government recycling initiatives.

By taking simple actions, and ensuring that everyone on-site is aware of what is required of them, even the smallest site can make real and immediate savings.