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The automotive industry is highly regulated in terms of waste disposal.

Cawleys has a technical workforce of qualified professional waste managers, chemists and environmental specialists in our hazardous division. We can provide practical solutions for all of your technical waste streams, ensuring legislation compliance alongside the use of the most environmentally sustainable treatment technologies.

The safe collection, storage and transportation of the new generation Lithium batteries is one of our specialist services, where we have an unusual degree of experience in this relatively new area of waste management for the automotive market.

We can also provide waste collection service for all the following

  • Lead, lithium and lithium-ion batteries
  • Waste Oil
  • Waste Oil Filters
  • Waste Tyres
  • Waste Brake Fluid
  • Plastic Bumpers
  • Soiled Rags
  • Anti- Freeze
  • Solvents
  • Waste Aerosols
  • Waste Paint Tins
  • Contaminated Fuels

We can provide advice on all aspects of environmental legislation affecting the automotive industry to ensure that your waste management programme is both cost and time effective, whilst also delivering environmental best practice.

At Cawleys we understand that key to a successful environmental programme is the engagement and participation of your staff. With this in mind we provide bespoke training and clear and simple signage to ensure that all employees are aware of and understand what is required of them to ensure maximum recycling rates for your company and the environment.