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How are lithium batteries recycled?

Cawleys has developed working partnerships to ensure the end of journey for lithium cells which at present must be treated in specialist plants in Europe.

Metallurgical pyrolysis

At a metallurgical pyrolysis plant, ultra-high temperatures are used to extract the base metals in lithium ion batteries including cobalt, nickel and lithium.

Cobalt and nickel is highly valuable and costly to process. Lithium by contrast is an abundantly available material, with the largest sources in Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Although there is little value in recycled lithium it still has a use primarily as an additive in the cementation industry.

Closed loop cycle

The nickel and cobalt contained in a lithium battery have a wide variety of second life uses and will be taken from the metallurgical plant to the next stage in the manufacturing process as part of the closed loop cycle.

By following this process with Cawleys, the automotive industry can be sure that it is taking every possible step to recycle its lithium and lithium ion batteries, to maintain industry-best environmental credentials.

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