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Waste to Energy

Switching you on to zero-waste-to-landfll: each tonne of residual waste has the energy value to produce about 600kWh of renewable energy!

At Cawleys, this form of energy recovery is utilised for non-recyclable waste products only, because materials like glass, plastics, cardboard, paper etc. are valuable resources that can be recycled to create new products. If recyclable materials are treated using waste to energy the resource is not used to its maximum potential.

Waste to Energy is an important recycling technology for waste that could not otherwise be recycled. Waste to energy is a process which generates energy (heating or electricity) from the heating of non-recyclable waste. The energy-from-waste process addresses both the need for clean, renewable energy, while reducing the need to landfill non-recyclable, residual waste, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused when resources are sent to landfill.