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Confidential Waste

Keeping your business and its data secure is of the highest importance here at Cawleys. We offer both on and
off-site confidential shredding guaranteeing the destruction of your confidential material is protected and handled securely.

A growing number of businesses manage and are responsible for protected and confidential data, which is why it is vital that your materials are handled appropriately by fully vetted employees and in line with BS15713:2009. Putting our customers at ease with a full audit trail and a formal certificate of destruction means you comply with the Data Protection Act of which non-compliance can mean fines of up to £500,000 for each breach or unlimited fines in the case of FSA regulated organisations.

We offer services that are convenient to you, whether on or off-site Cawleys provide a national shredding service through qualified partnerships and can also provide a range of products to help manage your confidential information including: secure recycling receptacles, secure sacks and lockable outdoor containment units.

Once shredded all confidential data is recycled, meaning your environmental practices are not compromised and confidential waste can be included with any recycling programme, usually alongside office recycling schemes.