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Office Recycling Solutions & Bins

The average office worker currently uses about one tree worth of paper each year.

Although some of this waste is inevitable, by implementing Cawleys’ simple office recycling scheme, Maxi-Cycle™, we can ensure that this waste is diverted from landfill and recycled.

Cawleys offer a simple and adaptable approach to collecting office paper and many other recyclable office items. We can now recycle your plastic bottles, plastic cups, aluminium drink cans, newspapers & magazines, printer cartridges, batteries, IT equipment and even your food waste!

If you are looking at office recycling solutions and bins, we offer a range of colour coded cardboard, steel or plastic containers to suit each office environment and material type.

We offer a FREE on-site waste audit to assess the amount of waste you generate and seek ways that you can maximise the value of your recyclable materials.

Sample office containers from our Maxi-Cycle scheme:

MaxiCycle Containers