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Office Recycling London

Office recycling London

A third of all businesses are based in London and the south east, and London itself is home to around a quarter of all our industry, according to a government report. Almost three quarters of this industry is in the service sector, and office-based. The importance of recycling in the London area cannot be over stated because it produces such a significant proportion of all the nation’s waste, but often in offices it is actually harder to recycle than at home.  Many offices don’t have simple steps in place such as waste bins for different materials, or don’t know how to ensure they are achieving the best recycling rates.

Our own research has shown that people are more likely to recycle things at home and in the office, but this is a situation which is easy to change, and at Cawleys we have a wealth of experience in office recycling solutions in London.  From entire office blocks, to retail centres and busy malls, we have been there, and are still there, working away behind the scenes to provide efficient, reliable, discrete waste management and office recycling services.

In house activities

There are lots of ways that you can get your staff involved in office recycling to ensure that everyone who works at your company feels that they have a moral responsibility to recycle and produce as little waste as possible.

To get your staff involved in office recycling, you could have a whole staff meeting and explain the recycling obligation of all businesses in the UK. Then ask your staff to get on board and recycle as much as they can. Make sure that you put all the tools in place for your staff to be able to recycle such as visible recycling bins. You could even offer staff incentives for the most recycling in a department or something similar.

Outsourcing office recycling London

Of course, there are some types of business where office recycling needs to be outsourced, for example if your office produces a large amount of waste or if you want to try and make money from your recycling.

We offer recycling collection services for very competitive prices and will take all the hassle out of your recycling obligation for you. We will supply you with the recycling containers you need, whether they are for paper, plastic, metal or even food. We will come and collect your recycling once or twice a fortnight and take it to a recycling centre.

In some cases it may be possible to make money from your office recycling London. For example if your office produces lots of waste cardboard it could be possible to sell it on to a company that recycles this material. However in most cases in order for a company to buy recycling materials from you in bulk they have to be correctly packaged, so if you want to make money from your recycling then you may need to make an initial investment to buy the equipment you need to sell your materials on, for example a cardboard bundler.