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Eurocarts & Wheeled Bins

The Eurocart and wheelie bin is widely used in both domestic and industrial waste environments.

Eurocarts & Wheeled Bins

Bins range from 240 to 1100 litres and are ideal for restaurants, shops and small business waste.

Wheeled bin capacity: 240 and 360 litres

240 and 360 litres

The wheelie bin is widely used in both domestic and industrial environments, having a capacity of over 2.5 times the size of a standard British dustbin. Bins of up to 360 litres are ideal for use by restaurants, shops and small businesses in particular.

These containers are resistant to heat, low temperatures and chemical action.

The wheelie bin also features:

  • Plastic body and solid rubber wheels to ensure minimum noise when in use
  • Safe rounded corners and easy to clean internal surface
  • Hinged lid which cannot be removed
  • Lightweight construction, yet strong and durable
  • Axles made of tempered steel and fitted with spring-action tamper-proof wheels
Dimensions 240 360
Height 1080mm 1100mm
Width 580mm 620mm
Depth 730mm 860mm
Capacity 240ltr 360ltr
Weight 15.5kgs 23.7kgs
Wheel diameter 200mm 2/300mm

Eurocart capacity: 660 and 1100 litres

660 and 1100 litres

Ideal for a variety of industrial and commercial uses, the Eurocart has several advantages over conventional refuse containers, being lighter and easier to move with a lower loading height and a captive hinged lid. The bin is manufactured in tough polyethylene or galvanized steel if extra strength and protection is required.

The Eurocart also features:

  • Smooth internal surface and rounded corners to prevent refuse being retained
  • A drainage plug in the base which makes cleaning easy
  • Heavy duty castors with solid rubber tyres for longer life and quieter operation
  • Two foot-operated wheel brakes for safe parking on gradients (Central braking system can only be released by key operation for extra security.)
Dimensions 660 1100
Height 1175mm 1465mm
Width 1360mm 1360mm
Depth 770mm
(Lid closed)
Capacity 660ltr 1100ltr
Weight 45kgs 65kgs
Wheel diameter 200mm 200mm