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All of our waste recovery equipment is fully compliant with European Health and Safety standards.


  • Industrial and domestic skip and associated road permits
  • Roll-on roll-off containers for large amounts of bulky softwood packaging, pallets and lighter-weight commercial and industrial waste
  • Rear-end loaders for lightweight, compactable waste; these allow for waste disposal and recycling to work in one collection
  • Eurocarts and wheeled bins in all sizes for domestic and commercial use; the size range helps enable storage even where access or space is limited
  • Compactors for low-density waste
  • Balers for large volumes of lightweight waste, e.g. cardboard or polyethylene
  • Hazardous Waste storage containers, including drums, bulk containers, fluorescent tube containers and pallet boxes.
  • Liquid Tankers for all liquid and sludge wastes up to 27,000 litres in volume, tankers are the most appropriate removal option. Stainless steel lined tankers are provided for corrosive liquids, and PET regulation tankers for low flash material.
  • Office recycling containers in varying sizes and designs to encourage office workers to separate and recycle waste
  • Sensitive waste where secure disposal is paramount. This could include small or bulk waste, or office waste requiring shredding, destruction or incineration.