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Responsibility and involvement

“As a family business, having a sense of responsibility and being personally involved is in our DNA. Our company values are important to us, and are expressed in all sorts of ways through our day to day work and also through our support for local communities and charities.

“The qualities of team work, energy and determination for example are part of the Cawleys vision and we like to nurture these qualities in the youngsters in our local community too. This is why we were pleased to sponsor the Olney under 14’s for their Rugby Tour of Ireland, and support a number of other teams, which you can read about in our sport and fitness section.

Celebrating Cawleys seventieth anniversary

“The average life of a business is about fifteen years, according to a professor from Yale University, which makes me especially proud to be celebrating Cawleys seventieth year in business in 2017.

“A business survives and thrives in the long term by doing the right thing, because if we didn’t – give a good service; competitive rates, reliable collections and so on – we wouldn’t stay in business very long!  But we can’t just be reliable, we also have to be energetic and inventive too.

“That’s why it’s so important that these qualities are part of the Cawleys vision, and why we try to play a positive part in our local communities, so that we can nurture these qualities in others, and be inspired by them in turn too.

‘I hope you will join us in celebrating Cawleys 70th anniversary as we take part in more local community activities, and give back even more to the communities and charities that matter most to us this year.”

Jon Cawley