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Organics recycling

Organics, such as food waste recycling, cooking oil etc. can be treated using a variety of different methods, depending on which is the most sustainable and appropriate method in terms of locality and requirements.

Once the organic waste is segregated on site, it is collected by Cawleys in a specialist vehicle to be delivered to one of the following treatment plants:

  • Anaerobic Digestion is a process of pasteurisation where food waste is converted to a liquid digestate, an excellent soil fertiliser and conditioner, and the methane used to generate electricity.
  • In-Vessel Composting involves food waste being composted in metal tanks or concrete bunkers in which air flow and temperature can be controlled. The air circulation is metered in via buried tubes that allow fresh air to be injected under pressure. This produces compost which can be used as fertiliser on the land.
  • Rendering Plants is a recycling process used for animal by products, where waste animal tissue is converted into more useful materials e.g. purified fats like lard or tallow.

Cawleys was the first company in the UK to provide a commercial organics recycling service, so we have an exceptional degree of experience to offer in this service.