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My experience of ‘Plastic Free Month’

In honour of the plastic free July global movement, I will be choosing to refuse single-use plastics for a month. The hardest part in beginning the cause was to finding replacement for all the products I regularly use which contain plastics. By living plastic free or with reduced plastic, it creates a positive impact on…
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Could you go plastic free for the rest of July?

July is plastic free month, so are you up to the challenge of ditching the plastic for a couple of weeks? Maybe it's not as tricky as it sounds. Our very own marketing intern, Ellie Welsh, is taking on the challenge and will be sharing her plastic -free diary at the end of the month.…
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How to Store Food Without Plastic

Many people have been concerned with the amount of plastic that is being produced and thrown away. UK supermarkets produce almost 1 million tonnes of plastic packaging each year which they believe keeps their fruit and vegetables fresher for long! Currently a truckload of plastic enters our oceans where it becomes a hazard for marine…
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