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Pile of used wrapping paper to highlight the importance of recycling over the Festive seaaon and for Black Friday

How to ensure your Black Friday stays green

Are you wondering how to ensure your Black Friday stays green? Now is the time to check that your waste management systems are ready ahead of Christmas and Black Friday on November 25th.   People say Christmas seems to come earlier each year. From a waste management perspective Christmas does indeed arrive in November! And If you work in retail or logistics or its associated services you’ll know that preparations for Christmas began many months ago. Household waste over Christmas As a householder, it would be reasonable to assume the biggest time for waste collection is just after Christmas. Most of us are familiar with that twinge of guilt when we look at the piles of scrunched up wrapping paper on Christmas Day, or the empty bottles piled up after a good Festive season party.   Peak waste volumes for businesses before Christmas However, as a specialist waste management provider […]

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