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Automotive industry lithium battery recycling

There are approximately 45,000 hybrid and electric cars on UK roads already, with industry predictions suggesting that there will one million by 2020. Ensuring the correct recycling and disposal of the batteries in these cars is vital as part of a sustainable future for the industry.

We offer a complete service to the automotive industry for the compliant and safe collection of lithium ion batteries, whether you are involved with battery development and testing, or managing the end of life for used vehicle batteries.

Bespoke collection service for lithium batteries

Cawleys has developed a bespoke collection service for lithium ion battery collection and recycling for the automotive sector.

Our service includes an initial audit and the collection, transportation and recovery of automotive based lithium batteries in cell pack and individual cell form.  Please turn to our page about the steps in lithium battery recycling to learn more about these different stages.

We are already helping household names from the automotive sector with their lithium battery collection and recovery, and if you would like to know more about this service please contact us on 0845 260 2000.

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