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Green growth is the only route to growth.

Amanda Sourry, Chairman of Unilever UK & Ireland.

Green fit.

Our household like 99% of the country is a bit lost at the moment. What on earth are we meant to do of an evening without the Olympics to glue ourselves to? Err probably start this legacy malarky everyone’s on about and actually remove oneself from the sofa and actually start doing rather than watching.…
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Meat Free Monday: Mushroom Calzone

Right, here we go with the second Meat Free Monday.  A delicious and super quick (you see I’m running with a theme here) recipe from one of my most used cook books - Jamie at home. You’ve got to love Mr Oliver. (more…)
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Meat Free Monday (on a Tuesday)

As Kate mentioned we are indeed starting up a Meat Free Monday recipe post (although I am a little late with this week’s, it would appear Meat Free Monday turned into ‘totally chaotic Monday, resulting in Saturday’s spag bol from the freezer.’) Each week we will endeavour to create delicious, tantalising and inspiring dishes without using…
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