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‘Haz’ your business gone hazardous?

Even if you don’t know it, most businesses produce some degree of hazardous waste. But did you know that it can be collected and recycled just like other waste streams? When it comes to waste it’s not always easy to tell which items are and aren’t hazardous. If you’re busy running your business, it’s likely…
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Get to know your dates

Sell by, use by, display until… Many of us are still confused about what these magic dates on food labels really mean, and whether it’s safe to eat once it’s passed the deadline. In a study of 1,500 UK consumers by Mintel, two-thirds said they rely on their own senses rather than dates to decide…
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Is it time to say farewell to the festive Christmas card?

During the Christmas season the UK alone is likely to create around 30% more waste than usual. Wrapping paper, food waste and Christmas trees will all contribute to this worrying statistic and in a world where environmental pollution is a topic of worldwide concern, shouldn’t we be doing more to address this seasonal sin? Of…
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Food Waste Reduction: The business case

A report released by the Champions 12.3 coalition titled The Business Case for Reducing Food Waste outlined the severity of the global food waste crisis and the urgent need for change across companies, cities and countries. The report analysed over 1,000 companies and found a median return on investment of 14:1. Regardless of where your…
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Why every business should use a ‘one stop shop’ waste management provider

When it comes to recycling and waste management the key is to keep things simple. For most businesses there are 3 things they want from their recycling and waste management provider, competitive prices, top-notch environmental practices and, perhaps most importantly, a convenient and reliable service. The reason convenience and service are so important is simple, great…
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Brexit and the Waste Trade – Cawleys’ MD Phil Gudgeon gives his view

The success of the waste industry in the UK owes a lot to its long-standing relationship with our overseas cousins. Not only are large quantities of UK recyclate exported across the globe every single day, the industries work force is made up of many hard working and reliable foreign nationals. Whilst the sector is no…
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Coffee Unpacked

Coffee…. It’s what gets us going in the mornings.  Welcome to your education in coffee, there is so much more to it than just the drink. Let’s start at the beginning, the coffee. I’m sure as we all know looking for the Rainforest Alliance stickers or Fairtrade symbols makes a difference, but why not go…
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Coffee: A New Energy Source?

Hands up who can’t even begin to function without a coffee in the mornings?? If that’s you (well even if it’s not you) then read on… Whether brewed at your favourite coffee shop or made home, it’s one of the world’s biggest industries, the UK alone spent £9.6bn in 2017 and coffee is the second…
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Cawleys and bio-bean team up to turn waste coffee into a burning success.

Cawleys has recently teamed up with bio-bean, a clean technology company which turns used coffee grounds into a range of products, including Coffee Logs. Together the businesses are working to help all companies that consume coffee across the South East to recycle their waste coffee grounds into a product with a useful second life. Here…
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