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Coffee Cups – can we restore faith in reusables?

Never before has ‘washing’ been so important. The threat of Covid-19 has drummed into us how essential it is to clean our hands as often as we can, wash our clothes after ever wear and ensure that every surface we touch is wiped down and disinfected with anti-bac spray on a regular basis. With this…
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Fire risks get real

In the waste industry it isn't unheard of for fires to unexpectedly break out. By nature, recycling and waste depots contain a high volume of mixed materials, including paper, card and wood, all of which can easily catch fire. Add to this movement by shovels, tipping pressures and the potential for rogue flammable items to…
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What impact will coronavirus have on the environment?

Much debate has taken place since the coronavirus pandemic about the impact it has had on air quality, CO2 emmissions and our environment. Whilst the pandemic is threatening to bring the world and it's economy to its knees, some have been pointing out one benefit to the terrible circumstances we currently find ourselves in -…
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Thank you to our unsung waste worker heroes

In today's uncertain world, it will be those businesses that can support their staff, customers, partners and suppliers, whilst adapting their business models to the new world, that will have the best chance of bouncing back. At Cawleys we understand this implicitly and we are doing all we can to take a flexible approach wherever…
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News update: Cawleys offer domestic skips and household waste collections

We'll collect your household waste! The coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating impact on many aspects of daily life and the ripple effect has now seen this touch on some of our essential daily services. One such area is waste collection. It is no surprise that councils have closed local recycling plants and suspended certain…
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Flexible collections during the coronavirus crisis

If your business needs to change, reduce or suspend its waste collections, just let us know and we’ll work to accommodate your requirements wherever we can. It goes without saying that the current coronavirus outbreak has resulted in unprecedented circumstances for everyone across the globe. Although this is a highly worrying time, it has brought…
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