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Generating opportunities from Gin

At Cawleys we fully support and encourage our team members in any endeavour that offers them opportunity and growth. So, when we heard about our Health and Safety Co-ordinator, Stacey Lindley’s, start-up distillery business, we were intrigued. The recent pandemic has affected not only the economy and businesses across the board, but also those who…
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New Guidance for WEEE containing Persistent Organic Polutants

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) are a group of chemicals that were historically  included in the production of some electrical plastics. At the time, largely before 2009, POPs were used for their fire retardant properties, however, they have since been found to be dangerous. In the past 18 months WEEE waste containing POPs have received more…
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We’re proud to have helped the White Horse weather the storm

The White Horse is popular pub and eatery located in Bedford. With a steady stream of regulars and ad-hoc customers that come from far and wide to visit the smart, stylishly furnished venue, the White Horse is a highly successful business that has become a hub for the local community. The team that run the…
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129 billion single-use face masks are put into the environment every month

Recently a BBC video highlighted an upsetting environmental consequence of the global pandemic  - the issue of PPE in our oceans. PPE on our shores The video claims that, due to Covid-19 and the measures we have taken to protect ourselves, we are now putting 129 billion face masks into the environment every month! Unfortunately,…
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Riding 100 miles for Ride High

As we all know, group charity events have been hit hard by the recent pandemic and unfortunately this has had a detrimental impact on the many charities that rely on these fundraisers to keep their good causes going. One affected event that has now been cancelled is Ride London, which was due to take place…
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Coffee Cups – can we restore faith in reusables?

Never before has ‘washing’ been so important. The threat of Covid-19 has drummed into us how essential it is to clean our hands as often as we can, wash our clothes after ever wear and ensure that every surface we touch is wiped down and disinfected with anti-bac spray on a regular basis. With this…
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Fire risks get real

In the waste industry it isn't unheard of for fires to unexpectedly break out. By nature, recycling and waste depots contain a high volume of mixed materials, including paper, card and wood, all of which can easily catch fire. Add to this movement by shovels, tipping pressures and the potential for rogue flammable items to…
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