Why Morrisons milk change is huge for waste

Morrisons have recently introduced a change of policy for the "use by" dates on most of its milk in a bid to reduce the volume of food waste. Milk is the third most wasted food and drink product in the world, one in six pints of milk are thrown away as food waste as a result of their best by date.

From the end of January, retailer Morrisons will encourage a sniff test to check the quality of own-brand milk as opposed to best before dates in an attempt to reduce waste produced, the retailer believes this move will stop millions of pints being thrown away each year.

It also estimates 85 million pints of milk waste may be due to customers following "use by" labels despite research showing it can be used days after the date. But some further tips for what we can do to stop milk from becoming waste is as follows;

Portion size- When buying milk at the shops, try to think about how much you’ll need and how long you’ll need it for. Often, we end up buying more than we need, this isn't helped further by supermarket promotions encouraging buying pairs of cartons. When in doubt, buy a smaller carton; you can always return to buy more if you need it and less milk is a beneficial result.

Don't move it around-  when it comes to milk, a good rule of thumb read is to never pour it into another container. This can deteriorate the milk and its quality severely.

Freezing your milk- Milk can change texture when it is frozen and may seem like it is separated and thawed.  A quick stir or shake can solve this problem and make it usable in no time. The milks new texture can also be good for adding to cakes or even making homemade ice cream!  Next time you're thinking about buying that carton of milk make sure you have thought about what you'll do with the leftovers!



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