Jurassic Grill roars about recycling

We've teamed up with Northants based restaurant, Jurassic Grill, to help the restaurant boost its eco-friendly credentials and maximise its recycling rates.

As the first dinosaur themed restaurant of its kind in the UK, Jurassic Grill is doing all it can to be eco-friendly and striving to become carbon neutral. From moving away from toy packaging in its gift shop, to using sustainable building materials that never need to be replaced, the restaurant is extremely mindful of the messages it is sending its young visitors about the importance of fighting climate change, becoming truly sustainable, reducing waste and recycling as much as possible. Working with Cawleys has allowed the restaurant to segregate different waste streams to ensure each is recycled as effectively as possible.

Jurassic Grill is now separating all of its food waste, glass and card. Each of these waste types is collected separately by us and transported to the appropriate facility for recycling. Food is anaerobically digested, creating green energy to the National Grid, whilst card is graded, baled and sent to a paper mill to be pulped and made into new paper. Glass is crushed and used to create new products.

Alongside segregated collections we also collect Jurassic Grill’s general waste which is transported back to Cawleys depot to be sorted and segregated for further recycling. This ensures that no opportunity to recycle is ever missed.

Working with us has not only enabled the catering establishment to maximise recycle rates, but due to the locality of the two enterprises it has also helped keep ‘waste miles’ (the distance lorries travel to collect and dispose of waste) to a minimum.

Nicky Severn, Marketing Manager at Cawleys added “It’s vital to set a good example to the younger generations about recycling and the importance of protecting our planet. Many of those visiting the restaurant will be children and families and the dinosaur theme is the ideal setting to remind people how long the planet has been in existence, how precious it is, and the importance of looking after it.”

Joe Mordawska, founder of Jurassic Grill commented: “Further improving our already strong environmental credentials is a key part of our vision in the coming years. Going green is something that really matters to us and our customers. This enhanced recycling programme is an extremely effective way of making a real difference, diverting leftover kitchen waste and turning it into a biofuel gives it a new lease of life and recycling all of our glass and card ensures we are putting waste to good use. As we expand we are determined to build our green ethos and give back to the local environment”

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