Electric Trucks at UH

With the government discussing the ongoing issues of the transport sector at COP26, November 10th marked Transport day.  Several initiatives are being launched today to help ensure a global and equitable transition to ZEVs and support the acceleration of transport decarbonisation.

The government yesterday announced the end of sale of new non-zero emission HGVs up to 26 tonnes from 2035 and over 26 tonnes from 2040 as well as a new electric vehicle charge point concept unveiled. New research has also shown huge growth in the zero emission vehicles market since the start of the UK’s COP26 zero emission vehicle campaign, as industry leaders commit to go further and faster.

Road transport accounts for 10% of global emissions, and its emissions are rising faster than those of any other sector. At Cawleys we are doing our bit to support goals laid out for the Transport sector and help with the shift to a zero-emission society.

We have lots of long term goals in order to achieve our net-zero status.  Recently we have begun trials with some new electric trucks at University of Hertfordshire, long term if successful we would have plans to invest into a large number of these vehicles in order to reduce our carbon emissions and begin the shift over to electric vehicles.

Currently these electric trucks are being assessed against a number of metrics in order to gage their effectiveness. We're currently testing these vehicles for their range, payloads, ability to cope with workloads and charge times. These are all factors which are very important to us when trialling electric vehicles, it is crucial for us we select the right fleet of EV's in order to benefit the planet reducing our emissions but also ones that are the most effective for the Cawleys family.

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