Reducing your pumpkin waste on National Pumpkin Day

October 26th marks National Pumpkin Day, the pumpkins are a favourable decoration and food and in the build-up to Halloween they make the perfect home decoration to welcome the many trick or treaters of October 31st.

This year 3 in 5 people will buy at least one pumpkin, under half of those pumpkins brought will be set to go waste.  The high disposal rate is because quite often after carving, people throw away the guts of the pumpkin disregarding the many additional uses this part of the pumpkin can offer!

Eat them yourselves! There is plenty of recipes you can make with the remains of pumpkins. Whether it's a pumpkin soup or a lovely chutney there is no shortage of nutritious meals that the pumpkin remains can be used in to feed you and your family.

The flesh of pumpkins also make great options for pets, the flesh is great for dogs it is high in fibre and low in calories. The flesh can be broken down and heated through before feeding. If your furry buddy has a sensitive stomach the flesh can be removed and the skin heated up makes a good nutritious option.  The seeds of the pumpkins can also be reused to help grow next years pumpkin.

Before feeding your dog pumpkin please first check with your vet and also make sure there is no pen, paint or candle wax on it.

Another good option for your pumpkin waste is to take the seeds and grow your pumpkin for the following year, it's important you save the seeds and dry them out. Pumpkins are best grown inside in compost till mid April then outside in a spot out of the sunlight.

Whatever you do this Halloween it's important you help make a difference and reduce the number of pumpkins send to landfill.

If you’d like help reducing your food waste, or want to know how you could cut down costs and food waste contact us or give us a call on 0845 260 200. We offer free commercial food waste audits.


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