Zero Carbon Forum set Hospitality roadmap to Net-Zero Society

Climate change presents one of the greatest threats that modern humanity has
ever faced, to people, nature, and global stability. All sectors in the UK economy require deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and by 2050 we must reach a level of net zero emissions.

The Zero Carbon Forum has recently published a roadmap for the hospitality sector on actions each sub-category can work on to achieve the net zero emissions goal by 2050. The report covers areas such as food and beverage, carbon removals as well as transportation in the sector and milestones to reach leading up to 2050.

The Zero  Carbon Forum has laid comprehensive pathways for each sub-sector in the hospitality sector as to how they can reduce emissions. Steps 1 and 2 of the pathways are simple, they are switching to renewable energy. If pubs and restaurants make the switch from gas to electric/heating cooking these small actions would reduce emissions by 14.4% and 13.5%. In a comparable amount of space, restaurants use 5 times more energy than any other kind of business. If restaurants follow the pathway of decarbonisation effectively steps 1 and 2 will allow a 90% reduction of emissions with the use of carbon removal offsets.

Step 3, the issue the Zero Carbon Forum address as the hardest area for emissions reductions is supply chains within the hospitality sector. Supply chains account for 83% of emissions across the Hospitality sub-sectors. Food waste will have to be reduced, menus will need adjusting and supply chains must be decarbonised. Actions must be taken collectively as a sector in order for change to be effective in reducing the emissions of the sector and by reaching our net zero emissions goal in 2050.

As the 2050 deadline comes closer businesses who do not have a plan for how to thrive in a net-zero economy will fall behind their competitors and face reputational risk. Taking action now to reduce your companies’ emissions now will not only prepare your business for the transition to a net-zero society it will also make a significant difference to the planet.

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