Amanda Clark SHEQ Manager Introduction

Health and Safety is a crucial component of businesses across all sectors, this is particularly evident in an industry such as the Waste Sector which operates with such large-scale machinery and vehicles to complete their day-to-day operations.  With Cawley’s operating these large-scale machines and vehicles across 3 separate sites the risk for health and safety is one which we take very seriously.

New research has revealed on average 4000 workers sustain injuries within the Waste Sector each year alone. With Cawley’s operating in a sector which has no shortage of workplace injuries we want to the best we can to ensure a safe and professional environment for our team, therefore we believe our new SHEQ Manager Amanda Clark will be the best person to ensure we do so, providing both a safe and healthy workplace. Amanda is bringing over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the Health and Safety field with proven experience across multiple working environments. Committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace, Amanda’s area of responsibility includes compliance with all regulations relating to occupational safety and health.


I am looking forward to my new role as the SHEQ Manager responsible for the Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Management Systems alongside permit compliance. My role means I will always be striving to improve the way the company works and to encourage the whole team to be the best professionals in the industry.’

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